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Company overview

AGCT is an R&D company that has united the leading specialists in clinical medicine, oncology, hematology, stem cell transplantation, cell therapy and molecular biology. Our company’s goals are research, development and commercialization of the genome editing techniques in therapy of socially relevant diseases.

AGCT works in the close collaboration with First Pavlov State Medical University of Saint-Petersburg and University Medical Clinical Hamburg-Eppendorf, Skolkovo affiliates the company. AGCT is the resident of the Technopark of the ITMO University.

AGCT LLC is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The core members of the team are employees of the First Pavlov Medical University of Saint-Petersburg, Institute of Children’s Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation. The company is fully associated with the University and collaboration with its clinical departments and laboratories.


Marina Popova, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Boris Fehse, PhD, prof.

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder

Mikhail Samsonov, MD, PhD

Chief Medical and Regulatory Affairs & Co-founder

Kirill Lepik, MD

Chief Research Officer & Co-founder

Vladislav Sergeev, MD

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Alena Shakirova , M. Sc in Biology

Leading Researcher & Co-founder



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